Welcome to Kingdom Catalysts (KC), a course designed for believers to be empowered to be catalysts of change for God’s glory and to bring His Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. We believe that through this course you will encounter the King and develop your intimacy with Him. You will bring forth His Presence, His Kingdom and His teaching and transform families, communities and nations.

Our desire is to work with you to grow your identity and destiny through online MP3's and videos, and encounters. You will also have one session a month with your lecturers where we will pray together and prophesy over you. Together we will become Kingdom Catalysts to advance the Kingdom of God in the nations.

This course will enable you to live secure and bold in your Kingdom identity, understand and live Kingdom values and be inspired to practically bring Kingdom into the world around you. Your understanding of who you in Christ and your role within the Kingdom of God will have a dynamic impact that will ripple out into the world declaring that He is King.

We pray that ‘the Spirit of the Lord will rest upon you, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of reverential fear of the Lord.’ (Isaiah 11:2)

Judith Ellis, and Amanda Wells 


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Includes 3 sessions with Judith and Amanda to ask questions have prayer, encounters and prophesy! 

Course Curriculum

Unit 1

What's included?

14 Videos
17 Texts
15 PDFs
12 Audios
Amanda Wells and  Judith Ellis
Amanda Wells and Judith Ellis
Directors and Senior Lecturers

About the instructors

Amanda Wells: , Prophet, Teacher, Mystic Seer and International Speaker in 72 nations. Published author and pioneer of Prophetic Bible Schools.

Judith Ellis:  Apostolic Teacher. Hub Director for Westminster Theological Centre (WTC). She is a pioneer who has set up schools and training centres and worked with local and national governments to bring transformation in education and towns.

What others have been saying about this course:

Judith Ellis

Sushma from Nepal

I just wanted to share how blessed we all were. I have come with secure identity in Him and knowing how to be in Him. God has again blessed our church with His powerful presence once again

Amanda Wells


You have me trained - I go into an encounter and the first thing I look to do is to write it down I am doing a course at the moment with Shawn Bolz on the Keys to Kingdom finance and he was talking about an encounter with Heavens minister of ...

Amanda Wells

Michael and Anni from Germany.

We just wanted to say thank you it is a big blessing for us and we had crazy fresh encounters with Jesus! Also the words you spoke, are so accurate and exactly to the point - I personally never experienced that in this way before! Europe needs th...

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