Are You Hungry For Heaven?

If the Kingdom of Heaven is within us then why can't I access Heaven now?

Death is not the door to Heaven, Jesus is! 

This course has all the mentoring sessions that Amanda and Judith have done. It also includes study notes and encountering sessions!!

Mentoring in Heavenly encounters and interpreting your encounters.


In these sessions  Judith and Amanda will take you on a journey of intimacy where they will lead you into encounters and help you to interpret what you and others see.

This will be a time of Divine love and union with the Trinity and each other.

What it means to be a Kainos being

Trade in the Kingdom .... new revelation as we tap into mysteries and uncover them!

What's included?

9 Videos
1 Text
12 PDFs
Amanda Wells and  Judith Ellis
Amanda Wells and Judith Ellis
Directors and Senior Lecturers

About the instructor

Amanda Wells: , Prophet, Teacher, Mystic Seer and International Speaker in 72 nations. Published author and pioneer of Prophetic Bible Schools.

Judith Ellis:  Apostolic Teacher. Hub Director for Westminster Theological Centre (WTC). She is a pioneer who has set up schools and training centres and worked with local and national governments to bring transformation in education and towns.

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